Sustainability Aim to develop beautiful and functional cities
that meet the needs of a new age.


Fujitec strives to operate under a Japanese business principle of success through responsibility or “Sanpo Yoshi.” It means business transactions provide benefits to all parties; the seller, the buyer and society at large. The local communities will be positivity impacted by the volunteering of time, resources and talents by the Fujitec teams across the world. In addition, Fujitec also values our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, that represent social issues by the year 2030. As an environmentally and socially focused company, Fujitec strives to fulfill our social responsibilities in solving social issues, such as reducing carbon emissions and combating the spread of infectious diseases. As a provider of social infrastructure, we can define areas in which only we can make a contribution. We will continue to make Fujitec a more robust and aligned global company that answers customer needs through our state of the art technologies and superior products.

We will strive to create a comfortable society where all people, including children and the elderly, around the world can live in a safe and secure environment.Please also allow me this opportunity to thank all of our stakeholders for their continued support. Please look forward to the continued growth of the All Fujitec.

Fujitec Co., Ltd.

Fujitec Global Mission Statements

Respecting people, technologies and products,
we collaborate with people from nations
around the world

to develop beautiful and functional citie
that meet the needs of a new age.

Sustainability Policy

Define sustainability policy based on our Corporate Code of Conduct and the spirit of Sampo Yoshi (good for everyone)

Sustainability Implementation Framework