Safety and Reliability

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, supporting the Safety and Reliability of our customers

  • Establishing Safe Net Centers

At Fujitec, we have established Safe Net Centers in Tokyo and Osaka to ensure safety and reliability for customers.
Safe Net Centers monitor elevators in Japan 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Furthermore, in the event of a wide-area disaster, such as a large-scale earthquake, both centers have functions to support one another when required. These Safe Net Centers are integral to our maintenance system, and play a key role in facilitating rapid responses in times of emergency, and ensuring optimal preventive maintenance. This support structure has been evaluated highly by elevator owners and managers, providing them with peace of mind.

  • Developing Safety Awareness

The Fujitec Group prioritizes safety and reliability in all aspects of its business. Due to its very nature, our business is directly linked to our customers’ lives. By thoroughly promoting safety awareness on a daily basis and developing safe technologies, we take the necessary steps to ensure safety and reliabilty for all those associated with the Fujitec Group. To ensure the safety of employees, we (1) provide educational activities to enhance safety awareness; (2) create and share manuals and videos to guarantee safety in the field; and (3) make use of drive recorders and other devices that help to prevent accidents. Moreover, our business involves R&D, sales, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, and the risk factors in each line of work differ greatly. The safety education we provide, therefore, caters to the nature of each division to enhance awareness of safety among our entire workforce.

  • Earthquake Countermeasures in Our Elevators

Due to the unpredictable nature of earthquakes, thorough preparation is essential for safe living. To minimize injury and damage to users and elevators during an earthquake, we have established a comprehensive set of functions and services. Through rapid detection, confinement prevention, and quick recovery, we aim to provide users with safety and reliability.

Earthquake Countermeasures in Our Elevator

IT for maintenance work

Maintenance Mapping System

IT for maintenance work

Information for the relevant property is presented on a map and linked to various IT systems

  • System features

A mapping system that enables real-time viewing of onsite information* via smart devices anytime, anywhere.

(*) Including maintenance and sales contacts, elevator/escalator specifications, maintenance history, technical drawings, technical documents

  • Performance Enhancements

Efficiency gains in field operations generating annual cost-savings of tens of millions of yen per year, and enhanced service quality.Plans to expand this system overseas in future.

  • Fujitec Wins IT Award for Maintenance Mapping System

In a first for the elevator industry, Fujitec received the 2020 IT Award* in the Customer/Business Function Category, for the integration of Google Maps into our maintenance tracking systems to provide enhanced visual information

*Japan Institute of Information Technology IT Awards

The IT Awards recognize companies and organizations that have made outstanding efforts and achieved successes in business innovations through the advanced use of information technology.

Information Technology IT Awards

We are currently addressing various issues related to
the creation of a ”Safety and Reliability”