Human Resources

Human Resources
Development Policy

The Fostering of
Field Engineers

Training System

In order to provide people with the safety and reliability of Fujitec elevators and escalators, Fujitec strives to train the field engineers who work at the sites to install and maintain the elevators and escalators as well as perform the related work. Fujitec has set up a training department dedicated to the training of field engineers. Training to meet the needs of field engineers with different years of experience is conducted systematically and with detailed programs. This training department also cultivates a sense of responsibility and pride in the minds of the field engineers, which is required of them as professionals in providing social infrastructures.

Level-Specific Training for Field Engineers

Training Facilities:
“Experience Center”

Fujitec’s training facilities, called “Experience Center,” have been established at Fujitec’s main business bases in Tokyo and Osaka. The Experience Center is equipped with elevators and escalators of both new and old models, as well as elevators and escalators with different functions. It provides off-the-job training for field engineers and is the place where they can fully satisfy their learning needs. This Experience Center contributes to the production of field engineers who have learned practical engineering work programs and have been developed as the engineers with the techniques required by their real work site as well as having mastered the theoretical matters mapped on the table in the era when the level of quality and features of elevators and escalators is rapidly increasing.

Developing Field Engineers
for the Global Group Companies

Fujitec has training facilities equipped with real elevators and escalators in Fujitec’s major global business locations such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, etc. In addition, to ensure the safety of field engineers and maintain the quality of their work, Fujitec has issued the multilingual safety and health criteria books entitled Safety Handbook, which describe worksite rules, work procedures, and so on. The Safety Handbook, which has already been provided to Fujitec Group companies in the global market, corresponds to nine (9) languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. The above-mentioned facilities and books contribute to the development of excellent and talented field engineers and the creation of their rewarding sense of satisfaction for the achievement of their field work.

Safety Handbook (English Version)

Technical Skills Competition

As part of human resource development, Fujitec regularly holds internal technical skills competitions in which each field engineer competes with each other by demonstrating their acquired technical skills. In Japan, with a focus on product installation and maintenance, Fujitec holds the “Nation-Wide Technical Skills Competition for Product Installation and Renovation” and the “Field Engineering Skills Competition” on a reciprocal basis each year. These competitions provide opportunities for field engineers to confirm their refined technical skills and to share the skills of each engineer among themselves, as well as to raise the skill level of each engineer. In the global field outside of Japan, Fujitec holds the “Global Field Engineering Skills Competition,” in which engineers from Fujitec Group companies gather and compete in their respective technical skill.

Human Resource
Development Programs

Studies based on
Vocational Ranks

Introduction Course
(for the Newly Coming Graduates and the Coming Mid-Career Persons)
For the newly coming graduates, Fujitec implements the introduction course through which they deepen their knowledge of Fujitec’s Management Philosophy, the content of Fujitec’s business and Fujitec products as well as learn the right frame of mind as the members of society and business manners. For the coming mid-career persons, Fujitec conducts online study course for them to deepen their knowledge of Fujitec’s management philosophy, the content of Fujitec’s business and Fujitec products. In addition, regardless of the newly coming graduates or the coming mid-career persons, Fujitec implements practical safety education programs throughout the employees with all vocational kinds in the collectively gathering meetings in order to penetrate them the principal concept of “Safety and Reliability” that Fujitec places the top priority on its global business.
Study Programs
for the Second-
The newly coming graduates take the follow-up studies regardless of their work contents after the introduction courses until their reach at the forth-year work experience. Throughout the follow-up studies, Fujitec provides the following significant programs to the employees. One program is to give the feeling of oneness to the employees who entered the company at the same year by strengthening their connections. Another program is to provide the employees with the motivation of their growth by making them learn how to think various events logically.
Training for the
New Mid-Level
Fujitec provides the new mid-level employees with the opportunity to know their own characteristics and to have the ability, communication skills, and leadership qualities to solve various issues arising from their business activities as mid-level employees.
Training for the
New Manager-Level
Fujitec makes utmost efforts to strengthen the leadership qualities of the employees that have newly become managers. The new managers including the job-site managers will learn the revitalization of the entire organization and the management of businesses from the management point of view.

Brothers/Sisters’ Learning System

Fujitec adopts the Brothers/Sisters Learning System, through which the newly employed staff can learn a lot of things from the company staff of a close age and develop their capabilities. The staff appointed as elder Brother/Sister in the department where the newly employed staff belong to teach the latter staff the knowledge required for the implementation of their work and their preparation for the work addressing. The staff appointed as elder Brother/Sister also play a role as a mentor for the new staff. They listen to the worries that the new staff experience their life outside of the company and become the good people with whom the new staff can easily talk.
The staff who play the role of elder Brother/Sister take the lectures of the Brothers/Sisters’ Learning System. In such lectures, they learn the education and development plans for the new staff and as well as the methods to support them. The elder staff who have completed the said lectures make efforts to develop the capabilities of the new staff. Through the best efforts for the new staff, the elder Brother/Sister staff, themselves, can raise their abilities and become the persons with the mature personality in terms of business and social field.

Purpose-Specific Trainings

<Core Talent Training>

Developing Global Business Leaders

This training is composed of the programs that develop the selected personnel in order for them to become able to perform in a global environment. The employees that have been selected with the recommendation of their department and the evaluation of their high morale will be developed in order for them to become globally talented business persons. This selection and assessment shall be conducted at the level of motivation for this training, not the level of English proficiency. The employees who participate in this training are expected to acquire the language speaking and writing ability, the skills to perform a global business, and the global mindset in order for them to become able to conduct work overseas for one or more years. Many of the employees who had completed the significant programs set in this training have already conduct globally required important work in Fujitec Global Companies.

Fostering a New Generation of Leaders

The trainings for the employees to become a next generation of leaders are conducted based on the classification of the employees by their vocational rank. 
The trainings is given to several small groups of the employees classified based on their vocational ranks for a long period over four or more months. The employees who participate in this training acquire a comprehensive leadership by deepening their knowledge on various operations of the company and learning how to resolve the business matters with the large view of them from a higher position of their eyes.

<Personal Development>

Business Skill
Self-Development Seminar
(Fujitec Business Skill
Learning Academy)

The Business Skill Self-Development Seminar is composed of self-learning programs. The employees who desire to raise their business skills can participate in the Seminar with their learning will. In this seminar, about five (5) programs on significant business skills are opened annually. All programs are opened to the employees on-line so that they can easily take part in the programs from across the whole country. Through this Seminar, Fujitec supports the employees to establish their own carrier on their independent-minded stance.

On-Line Mini-Seminar

Any employees can participate in this on-line mini-seminar. The seminar is held for about one (1) hour before a regular end of working hours on Wednesday evening. (In Japan, Fujitec Japan promotes the working system that all of the employees have no work before the regular end of working time on Wednesday.) In this on-line seminar, hot topics in the company, daily life information in which the employees would be interested, the skills to use a PC, the business skills needed for daily work, etc. are delivered to the employees as the seminar’s topics. The said topics are delivered on the intranet of the company, so that the employees can watch them not only at the real time but at any time when they have time. The on-line mini-seminar is utilized to vitalize the communication between the employees in the company and also to conduct onboarding programs.

Language Learning

Fujitec conducts various supports for the employees who are willing to learn languages. In December of every year, Fujitec sets up the language learning campaign and helps the employees take the on-line lessens to study English or Chinese with their spending of a small lecture fee thanks to the company-given allowance for their study. The company’s study-purpose allowance is also partially given to the fee for the employees to take a TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) or a Chinese Language Skill Certificate Examination.

Correspondence Study Course

More than 100 correspondence study courses are prepared for the employees. The employees can freely choose the courses through which they desire to acquire their favorable knowledge and skill. The employees who have completed the courses are provided with a study grant by the company.