To Shareholders and Investors

Fujitec will commit itself to achieving the targets of its new Medium-term Management Plan by its final year.

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support.

Fujitec continues to grow steadily. In fiscal 2021, we achieved the highest sales and net income in our company’s history.

Fujitec finalized and disclosed our medium-term management plan, “Vision 24”, which aims to ensure our growth is sustainable. In line with opportunities in each market, we will strengthen our new installation and aftermarket businesses, while at the same time we will improve profitability by reducing costs. We will pursue CAPEX and M&A opportunities in a dynamic market environment, and also strengthen our governance and ESG initiatives. In addition, we will continue to actively return capital to our shareholders by further improving capital efficiency.

In fiscal 2022, Fujitec aims to accelerate growth by continuing the momentum generated in fiscal 2021, when we delivered record sales. Even amid increasing uncertainty in the economic outlook with rising inflation and increasingly tense international geopolitics, we forecast year on year net sales to 200 billion yen and year on year operating income to 14.7 billion yen for fiscal 2022. I will do my best to execute “Vision 24” to achieve sustainable growth for our company, while creating value for our shareholders and other stakeholders including our employees, customers and partners.

We greatly appreciate your continued support of Fujitec.

Fujitec Co., Ltd.


Inaugural Speech by Fujitec’s President and CEO, Masayoshi Harada