Respecting people, technologies, and products,
we collaborate with people from nations around the world
to develop beautiful and functional cities
that meet the needs of a new age.

We respect people.

We provide products and services which place top priority on the safety of the users,
increase the satisfaction and trust of the customers and other stakeholders.

We respect technology.

As a specialized manufacturer of spatial migration systems including elevators and escalators,
we will master skills in research, development, production and field engineering.

We respect products.

We manufacture products with high quality and performance,
and take all possible measures to sustain and maintain the functions thereof.

We develop beautiful
and functional cities
that meet the needs of a new age.

We create a function which harmonizes with the city environment in a new age,
and allow people to spatially migrate in a secure, safe, and comforting way.

We collaborate with people
from nations around the world.

We encourage exchanges and cooperation with
the people and the society of nations and areas all around the world,
and contribute to the development and prosperity of a rich living environment, economy and society.


Refining individual qualities as a member of society
pursuing an enhanced ability as a member of the organization,
and expanding awareness and perception as a member of the global community,
all Fujitec members achieve personal goals, sharpen leadership skills
and develop a broader understanding of others,
while ensuring the company’s continued growth and success.

Refining individual qualities
as a member of society

We continually develop and refine personal character
by performing our duties and responsibilities as good citizens.

Pursuing higher abilities
as a member of the organization

We reach beyond our limits and expectations,
striving always to enhance our ability in order to improve efficiency
and to grow within the Fujitec organization, while motivating others to do the same.
As a manufacturer and system provider for the public,
we do our best to ensure customer satisfaction through excellent products and services.

Expanding awareness
and perception
as a member
of the global community

We strive to unify Fujitec’s global business operation by improving communication with
and enhancing our understanding of people and cultures from around the world.

Achieving personal goals

In the process of pursuing the company’s objectives, we will be able to define personal goals
and to experience a sense of personal and professional growth and accomplishment.

Sharpening leadership skills

With spirit of innovation, positive attitude and dedication to our mission,
we will overcome hardships and reach our goals.
At the same time, we will serve as a role model to others,
helping to guide them in their own personal and professional endeavors.

a broader understanding

Through open exchange of knowledge and ideas, we will foster a sense of fellowship
and improve our own knowledge and understanding.
This will enhance our perceptions and allow us to make better decisions.

Ensuring the company’s
growth and success

By working together to build beautiful, innovative and functional cities,
we will ensure the company’s ongoing success.
We will do so while meeting the needs of our
contributing to a better quality of life for others, improving the economy, promoting industry
and enjoying a sense of fellowship and personal accomplishment.


Fujitec hereby establishes these Corporate Action Rules,
and commits itself to complying with societal rules in every aspect of its corporate activities.

Our directors and officers will not only take a leading role in observing the Corporate Action Rules,
but also to have these rules understood and followed in our corporate organization.

If any non-compliance is found, Fujitec will take full responsibility to
inquire into the causes, and correct the wrongdoings, to ensure that it does not happen again.

The first priority is
on human life and
protection of human rights

Our first priority in every aspect of our corporate activities is to protect human life,
considering that Fujitec is a place where our Fujitec members are a part of society,
and is a place where they are to accomplish self-realization.
Also, we will protect the individual human rights of each Fujitec member.
Further, we will respect Fujitec members’ team work
and offer a good working environment to let them reach their full maximum potential.

Assurance of product safety

In offering products and services, our first priority is
the safety of customers and users, in compliance with our quality codes.
We recognize that the contribution to a safe and enjoyable city environment is our mission.

Maximization of
return on investment

We are well aware that investments from shareholders
and investors are the source of our corporate activities.
We will never tolerate the embezzlement of these investments,
will administer and utilize the investments effectively,
and make our best efforts to maximize our investors’ returns.

Equal-footing and
sound business transactions

We will recognize each counterpart in business transactions
as mutually independent business partners,
engage in transactions on an equal-footing and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

Free and fair competition

We consider fair competition among business corporations to be a driving force
for development and prosperity in this social economy.
We will not unfairly interfere with our competitors and will maintain fair competition.

Co-existence and co-prosperity
with local communities

We are aware that our corporate activities are supported through trust from local communities.
As a member of such communities, we are committed to complying with rules and customs from all over the world
and will make our best efforts to preserve the natural environment.