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Considering vulnerabilities of SSL3.0, this website does not permit communication under SSL v2 or SSL v3. Some of our web pages, therefore, are inaccessible from certain browsers that do not support TLS.


We use JavaScript at this website. Your device may not fully support our website features or may not display contents on this website correctly if JavaScript is disabled in your browser. To normally access the contents of this website, make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

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About Out use of Cookies and Access Analysis Tools

We use cookies at this website as a means for user-optimized content display.
Moreover, we may employ an access analysis tool to analyze access to this website.

1.About Cookies

Cookies are data files distributed to website users from the web server for storage at their devices.
The use of cookies and access analysis tools enables us to give attention to individual users’ devices as we collect information about access to this website. However, cookies do not give us any capability to identify individual users.

2.About Our Use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics at this website as an access log collection tool so that we may analyze access to improve this website and make it more useful to users. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect logs that don’t include data that may be used to identify individual users. The collected logs are managed according to the privacy policy of Google Inc.
You may use the links below to find out more about Google Analytics and the privacy policy of Google Inc.:
Google Analytics
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If you would not like to accept cookies, you may disable cookies in your browser. Disabling cookies, however, may make certain content on this website inaccessible to you.

Terms of Use

Thank you for accessing this website [note 1] owned and provided by Fujitec Co., Ltd. of Japanese company (“Fujitec”).
You may browse its contents on this website (“Contents”)[note 2], or make use of data, documents, drawings, photographs, or other materials of any kind of whatsoever distributed on this website (collectively, “Materials”), with your agreement of these terms of use as well as site-specific conditions, if any (collectively, “Terms and Conditions”) [note 3].


  • This website refers specifically to and not to any of the sites that are linked to it but are owned and provided by others.

  • The Contents is not applicable to process any business transactions such as the purchases and service orders for Fujitec's products. For business-related inquiries on your particular products and services, please contact us here.

  • Terms and Conditions may be revised without prior notice. Please confirm the Terms and Conditions every time before using Information or Materials on this website.

Scope of Website

Fujitec publishes information (“Information”) and distributes Materials for the scope of Fujitec products, services, technologies, recruiting and other business activities on this website. For the scope of such business activities of Fujitec’s subsidiaries and affiliates in other countries, please refer to Fujitec Global Site and our partner companies’ websites linked to it.


Depend on your inquiries concerning subjects outside above-mentioned scope of this website, we may not respond to all of your inquiries. For business-related inquiries on your particular products and services, please contact us here.

Information, Contents and Materials

All or part of Information, Contents and the Materials may:

  • - be changed, improved, updated or deleted from time to time without notice; and

  • - contain references to Fujitec products, services, technologies, recruiting and other business activities.

Fujitec make no representations and warrants as to be up to date, accurate, reliable, compatible, fit for any particular purpose, or to be safe from threats such as computer viruses.

Trademarks and intellectual property rights

For the protection of intellectual property rights including industrial property rights and copyrights, and for the protection of trademark rights and other statutory property rights (or for the protection of the owners of such rights), you may browse Contents at this website or make use of Materials for your own purposes, but shall not use any Information and Materials for any other purpose in whatever manner including reproduction, copying, reuse after modification or distribution without explicit consent from us.

Customers' proposals and suggestions:Please refrain from using our website to provide us with your proposals and suggestions concerning our businesses, products, services, technologies, recruiting activities, etc. Fujitec assumes no responsibility for receiving your providing and responding inquiries regarding these subjects.

Preventing Accesses from Certain Users

If any of the following causes or any other indecent or fraudulent act is found to have been committed by someone in connection to the use of this website when accessing it or placing an inquiry, or setting links, for example, Fujitec may take any measures without prior notice in order to control, remove it and prevent its recurrence:

  • (1) Introducing a computer virus or harmful program

  • (2) Abuse, slander, coercing, threatening or making an attempt to destroy credit or fame

  • (3) Crime, violation of law or public policy

  • (4) Violation of these terms of use and site-specific conditions for data distribution service, if any, on this website

  • (5) Act of nuisance or attempt to give harm or damage to our company or any third party

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Fujitec subsidiaries and affiliates be liable to any person and entity for any damage or loss arising from your use of this website or execution of Terms and Conditions.

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This website shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with laws of Japan.
Tokyo District Court shall be exclusively first jurisdiction for all disputes related to this website.


For inquiries regarding Terms and Conditions, please contact us here.