President’s Message
Marking the 2024 Anniversary of Fujitec’s Foundation

February 9 is the anniversary of Fujitec’s foundation. Our company has been able to continue in business thanks to the relationship of trust with our stakeholders, including customers and the users of our products, and this year we celebrate our 76th anniversary. I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders who have supported Fujitec.

Recently we announced upward revisions to our consolidated earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2024, to 230,000 million yen in net sales and 14,500 million yen in operating income. Sales and income are both projected to reach record highs. Although there are still some issues to be resolved, we will maintain this momentum as we move forward to the next stage. Recently we also announced that in FY2024 we will embark on our New Medium-term Management Plan. Under this plan, we will manage the company in the spirit of “continuity and change” that I announced in my inaugural speech as president in September last year and pursue our vision of evolution into an excellent company. We will develop even clearer plans on what should not be changed, such as the pursuit of safety and reliability, pursuit of quality, and a commitment to human resource development (continuity), and what should be changed, including reform based on a “selection and focus” strategy, strengthening of our Group management, and enhancement of our governance and communication (change). 

To create the New Fujitec, every employee needs to look at matters from a higher-level perspective and radically change their ways of thinking and acting. I encourage all employees to look ahead, keep learning, cooperate, pool their strengths, and accomplish reforms on an “All Fujitec” basis. 

I truly hope this will be the year that we constantly forge ahead in line with our “Move On” slogan and deliver concrete results, so that our customers and other stakeholders say that Fujitec has changed and achieved results. 

I look forward to continuing support from all our stakeholders. 

Masayoshi Harada
President and CEO
Fujitec Co., Ltd.

The 2024 Anniversary of Fujitec’s Foundation Ceremony

President and CEO Masayoshi Harada
Senior Executive Operating Officer Takashige Nakajima
Director Kosuke Sato

New Year’s Message for 2024

Here we are at the start of a new year. I look forward to continuing cooperation with all our stakeholders during 2024. This is my message to you all as the new year begins. 

On January 1, Japan suffered an earthquake measuring a peak intensity of 7 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale, with its epicenter in Ishikawa Prefecture’s Noto region. I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences for those who lost their lives, and convey my deepest sympathies to everybody affected by this earthquake. It caused enormous damage due to repeated intense shaking and tsunami, as well as massive fires, and it appears that it will take some time for normality to be restored. Like many others in Japan, we at Fujitec are determined to do all that we can to help the area recover as soon as possible.

According to the Chinese zodiac, this year is the year of the Wood Dragon. The Wood Dragon signifies the first glimmers of success growing and taking shape. This image describes the perfect year for transition, and what is more, I think it also coincides with the stage Fujitec is at now. I want to make 2024 the year in which we deliver concrete results. If we focus on the idea of the first glimmers of success growing and taking shape, in Fujitec’s case, I understand “taking shape” to mean that our preparation to reach our goals and achieve success is progressing.

Last year, Fujitec marked its 75th anniversary. At the General Shareholders’ Meeting in June of this landmark year, I took up the post of President and CEO and we launched a new management structure. Subsequently, on August 1, we reformed our organization to further accelerate our objectives and achieve sustainable growth. The goal of this organizational change was to strengthen the “All Fujitec” framework under which the technology, production, and administrative divisions would provide support for our two businesses, domestic and overseas. Then, in September, we announced our “continuity and change” approach to management both internally and externally. To help stakeholders inside and outside the company better understand the “continuity and change” approach, this year we will be conducting a PR campaign using the slogan “Move ON.”

In our core business, I regard 2023 as the year in which Fujitec elevated itself to the next level as a company. We supplied products for numerous projects, the most notable example being the Azabudai Hills complex, which opened in November last year, where we installed 110 elevators and escalators including 16 double-deck (two-story) elevators, comprising our largest number of installations ever for a single construction project here in Japan. Meanwhile, in our overseas business, sales were strong in South Asia, where we secured a huge order for 538 elevators and escalators to be installed in a large residential project in India and completed modernization of the elevators in the former OUB Centre one of our highest-profile projects in Singapore.

Thus, I believe that Fujitec is well on the way toward the first glimmers of success taking shape, as represented by this year’s Chinese zodiac symbol. However, for these glimmers of success to grow, I think the employees of “All Fujitec” need to strengthen their ties to each other more than ever before. Working in collaboration with others is more powerful than working on your own, and makes a difference in terms of how quickly a successful outcome can be achieved. I believe this collaboration is how a company grows and becomes stronger.

This year, we are seeking to make further progress in managing on an “All Fujitec” basis by keeping our “continuity and change” approach unchanged as the bedrock upon which management of our company is founded. Elements that represent continuity comprise the pursuit of safety and reliability, pursuit of quality, and a commitment to human resource development. Meanwhile, the elements representing change are a “selection and focus” approach to our portfolio, strengthening of our Group management, and enhancement of our governance and communication.

The year to come will require us to raise the quality of our work higher than ever before and elevate ourselves to the next level as a company. All of us at Fujitec need to take an interest in each other, broaden our horizons, elevate our vantage points, shift our perspectives, and go even further in altering the conventional ways of doing things.

I want 2024 to be the year in which “All Fujitec” delivers concrete results so that our stakeholders really feel that we have become a better company.

Masayoshi Harada
President and CEO
Fujitec Co., Ltd.

A Bright Future for Elevators and Escalators

Fujitec has launched a new management structure to mark the 75th anniversary of our establishment. As we continue to engage in business activities to constantly provide high-quality products and services over the long term, we will value our corporate culture and prioritize safety and reliability, which are fundamental to our business, and leverage our strengths in integrated systems for manufacturing and sales. Moving forward, our management stance will remain unaltered to ensure that we earn solid trust from our customers and all other stakeholders.

Since elevators and escalators are key elements of social infrastructure on which lives depend, stable management of our company is crucial. Our management team is committed to preserving such stability and working together to lead the Fujitec Group. And our group companies are united in pledging to supply reliable products and services to our customers and users, and to maintain equipment over the long term.

The business environment for elevators and escalators is facing major change stemming from factors including advances in technologies such as AI, IoT, and robotics, environmental issues due to global warming, and severe disasters affecting wide areas, such as earthquakes. Until now we have provided means of vertical, horizontal, and inclined movement of people and goods, but from now on connecting with various things including information, goods, and people’s feelings will bring even greater value to elevators and escalators, buildings, and cities. Elevators and escalators have a bright future and will play wider roles than ever before.

What should we change, and what should stay the same? Our purpose is defined by our management philosophy, and in accordance with the principles of constancy and fluidity, we will apply our essential business practices while adroitly updating them and responding flexibly without being bound by past experiences and conventional methods. As a company that can truly respond to change, we will cooperate with all our stakeholders to evolve through transformation.

To fulfill Fujitec’s aim of being an excellent social infrastructure company, the mission of the new management team is to thoroughly focus on front-line operations and globalization, continue to manage in ways that value people, and build a company that is full of employees who brim with confidence and radiate energy, and where work is fulfilling.

We will guide Fujitec towards the future in ways that meet our stakeholders’ expectations and merit their support, sharing our vision with Fujitec Group employees and our business partners as we look ahead to our 100th anniversary and create a new Fujitec.

Masayoshi Harada
President and CEO
Fujitec Co., Ltd.

From left to right, are Director Kosuke Sato, President and CEO Masayoshi Harada and Senior Executive Operating Officer Takashige Nakajima
From left to right, are Director Kosuke Sato, President and CEO Masayoshi Harada and Senior Executive Operating Officer Takashige Nakajima

Inaugural Speech by Fujitec’s President and CEO, Masayoshi Harada