Fujitec provides support for each of the employees to address their work in a comfortable working environment with the provision of the consideration to the characteristics created by the employees engaged in different kinds of works such as the research and development work, production work, sales work, installation work, maintenance work, administrative office work, etc. in order to create the comfortably workable workplace. By establishing a comfortable office environment, organizing digital tools in order, introducing and promoting the flexible working system, and so on to realize the vitalization of the employees’ mutual communication, Fujitec strives to create the workplace where the employees can realize their good work-life balance and have the happiness-filled mind that they have successfully continue and complete their work.

The Promotion of
the Diversity of Work

Working Systems

The Work-From-Home System

Fujitec promotes the flexibility of working system for the employees. When being able to fulfill the working requirements arranged by the company such as the certain level of work content, the employees can make use of the work-from-home (telework) system that their work at home twice a week is available.

The Use of the Annual Paid-Leave
on an Hourly Basis

In order for the employees to realize the good harmonization and balance of work and family (work and private life), Fujitec adopts the system of the annual paid-leave time which can be used on an hourly basis by the employees.

The Full-Flexibility of Working System
(for the certain vocations)

Fujitec adopts the full-flexibility of working system. The employees who belong to the certain vocations in the company can enjoy the diversity of working style without having the constraint that the partial period of their working time must cover the core working time.

The Paid Leave Accumulation System

The Paid Leave Accumulation System allows the employees to accumulate the unused paid leaves up to forty (40) days from the paid leaves exceeded from the given number of paid leaves. The accumulated paid leaves can be used for the certain purposes such as a personal injury or disease, childcare, caregiving, etc.

Smart Work Assistance
by Mobile Tools

The business system is designed with “Mobile First” with the consideration of the required characteristics in terms of the vocations of the many employees who mainly work outside for the sales, maintenance, installation, repair, etc. of products.
Fujitec promotes the safe and comfortable working methods without suffering from the constraints of working places and time thanks of the utilization of the mobile tools such as smart phones, smart glasses (wearable devices in an eyeglass form), etc. and owing to the business assistance due to the use of cloud services.

The Improvement of
the Office Environment
with Good Arrangement

Fujitec improves and establishes the office environment suitable for the good conduct of work and the smooth communication between the employees. Fujitec makes utmost efforts to promote the diversity of work by set up the “Available-Anytime Discussion Space” where employees can get together quickly without minding time and discuss with each other, the hybrid-type office where the fixed seats are combined with each team address in harmonization with the work characteristics, the “Individual Booth” where a single employee can concentrate on work, the standing desks where the employees can change their posture or can work for a short period of time, and so on.

Child-Raising Support

Maternity LeaveThe employees are allowed to take maternity leaves from a certain date within six (6) weeks before the expected delivery date for the birth of a baby as well as from the birth date to a certain date within eight (8) weeks after the birth of the baby.
Childcare LeaveThe employees can take childcare leaves, until their baby reaches at the age of one (1) year. (In case where there is no room to accept the baby in the nursery school and the baby cannot go there, the employee is allowed to have childcare leaves until the baby’s age arrives at one (1) year and a half. When the said case continues, the employee can take childcare leaves until the baby’s age of two (2) years.)
Parental LeaveThe employees are allowed to take four (4) weeks within the eight (8) weeks after the birth of a baby.
Childcare Leave
The employees are allowed to use five (5)- day sick/injured childcare leaves within one (1) year to take care of a single sick or injured child who has not reached the age for the entrance of an elementary school. (In case of taking care of two or more sick or injured children, the use of ten (10 )- day sick/injured childcare leaves within one (1) year is allowed.
Short-Period Working
Time System for Childcare
(available until the child
becomes 3 years old)
When taking care of a child whose elementary grade has not reached the third grade, the employees are allowed to work for the working period shorter than the regular period.
Maternity LeaveWhen the spouse of the employees has delivered a baby, four (4)-day paid maternity leaves are available to the employees.

The Rate of the Female
Employees’ Return
to the Company
after the Childcare Leaves: 100%

The rate of the return of the female employees who has finished the childcare leave period is 100%. After having returned to the company, they can utilize the reduced-working-time schedule program for childcare, etc. (Based on the record from Apr. 2020 to Mar. 2023)

The Rate of the Use of the
Childcare Leaves
by the Female Employees: 100%

In Fujitec, all of the female employees who have delivered a baby take childcare leaves. (Based on the record from Apr. 2020 to Mar. 2023)

A Double-Star Company
among the Shiga-Prefecture
Female Activity Promotion Companies

Fujitec was authorized as a double-star company by the Shiga-Prefecture Female Activity Promotion Companies in 2015 and has been maintain the same double-star status. In Fujitec, the establishment of the company organization where the women can play various active roles, the promotion of the development of the women resources, and the creation of the flexible workable workplace have been addressed very actively.

The Registered Member of
the Shiga-Prefecture
Balance Promotion Companies

Being registered as a member of the Shiga-Prefecture Work-Life Balance Promotion Companies in 2015. Fujitec proactively addresses and promotes the realization of the balanced harmony between work and family/private life.

Care Support

Care Leave
(5-day care leaves per year)
The employees can use 5-day care leaves for each parent in a year. (10- day care leaves are allowed for the employee who take care of both parents). The care leaves can also be used by a hour unit.
Caregiver Leave
(93-day caregiver leaves)
For each family member who is entitled to be cared, the employees are allowed to totally take 93-day caregiver leaves. The caregiver leaves can be divided into two or three periods within the 93 days.
Caregiver’s Leaves of
Absence from Work
(up to 12 months)
For each family member who is entitled to be cared, the employees are allowed to take the caregiver’s leaves of absence from work for the period of up to 12 months. Those caregiver’s leaves can be divided into periods of up to six.
The Short-Time
Working Period System
for Family Member Care
The employees may use this system by several partial periods with three years for each family member to be taken care of.

The Active Roles of
Senior Workforce

The Post-Retirement Employment System
(until the age of 65)

At Fujitec, the post-retirement employment system is available to the employees who will reach the mandatory retirement age of 60. Re-employed employees may continue to work until they reach the age of 65.

Health & Productivity

As a group company to provide people with products and services with safety and reliability, Fujitec always strives to create workplaces and worksites where each employee can continue to play an active and vibrant role in a safe and comfortable environment and where all Fujitec employees are in good health and spirits.

Healthy and Well-Managed Company

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Support System
and Its Promotion

The Surveys for the Employees
(“Nico-nico Research〝)

In order to grasp the company culture, the environment of workplace and worksite, the circumstances surrounding the employees, Fujitec implements the survey by engaging with various elements in the respective items. This survey is called “Nico-nico Research”, which means “Research for smile”.
Based on the results obtained through the said survey, Fujitec addresses various improving measures in the scale of the whole company and the respective departments. The improvements and developments by addressing the above matters are confirmed by the “Nico-nico Research” in the succeeding business year.

Nico-nico Research

Self-Assessment Report System

In order to improve and vitalize the employees’ workplace, raise their satisfaction level, assign them to their proper position, and form their carrier, Fujitec adopts the self-assessment system for them.