2024.02.20 Holding a seminar on women’s health topics

Fujitec is committed to managing the health of its employees in order to ensure the “safety and reassurance” of Fujitec's employees.

We welcomed Dr. Satomi Katakura from the Department of Gynecology at Kitasato Institute Hospital and asked her to give a lecture on the topic of "Women's Life Stages and Changes in the Body" to the employees of Fujitec Co., Ltd.

The lecture was held at Fujitec Tokyo Headquarters and was attended by 30 employees. At the same time, about 40 employees from Fujitec's branch offices around the country attended the lecture via webinar.

The doctor explained the details of menstruation, pregnancy, menopause symptoms, and its treatment, etc., and kindly answered the questions that had been collected beforehand as well as those raised by the participants in a lively atmosphere in the lecture room. This lecture became an important opportunity for women to learn a lot about various changes in their health throughout their lives.

Some of the attendees said, "I could deeply understand how to manage the health at different stages of women's life. It's very rare for us to know this matter in our daily life", "The lecture was held in a good atmosphere. It was so good that many employees including male employees attended the lecture," and so on. The lecture contributed to raising the awareness of the employees about the health problems especially faced by women.