2024.02.16 Opening a “Breast Awareness Seminar”

Fujitec is committed to managing the health of its employees by making every effort to provide them with "reassurance and safety”.

As one of the issues that Fujitec has to address for female employees, the "Breast Awareness* Seminar" was held at Fujitec's Tokyo Headquarters in November 2023. This seminar was conducted as a lunchtime seminar by taking advantage of a lunch break.

* Breast Awareness" is the habitual awareness of a breast as one of the methods of early detection of breast cancer.

At the beginning of the seminar, one of Fujitec's health nurses explained the methods of knowing one's own breast condition in the present era, when one in nine people suffers from breast cancer.

After the health nurse's explanation, the participants watched the Breast Awareness Video. The video conveys the importance of "knowing the condition of your breast," "recognizing a possible change in your breast," and "immediately going to a mammary gland department or general surgery at the time you feel the change in your breast.

After watching the video, the participants were divided into two groups, experienced the actual self-check method, and finally took courses on practical skills by touching a lump hidden in the breast model.

Participants commented, "I know about breast cancer, but I thought it was very far away from me. This seminar made me aware of breast cancer," "Since I didn't know how to check the condition of my breast by myself, this experience-based seminar is very useful for me," and so on. This seminar became an opportunity to raise the health awareness of employees.

Left picture: Participants watched the video and listened to the explanation while having lunch.
Right picture: Under the use of a breast model, to detect a lump by the touch method mastered through the self-check experience.