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Fujitec’s Vision for Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management

To achieve sustainable growth for the Fujitec, we aim to ensure occupational health and safety and health management while enhancing corporate value.
As a corporate group that provides safe and reliable products and services, we will create workplaces where everyone who works at Fujitec can continue to energetically play active roles in safe and comfortable environments that promote physical and mental health.

  • Occupational Health
    and Safety

    Occupational Health and Safety

    Declaration on Occupational Safety

    Engage in corporate activities that
    prioritize safety and reliability

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    Declaration on Health

    Aim to promote good health for all
    employees and their families/partners

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Fujitec Group prioritizes safety and reliability in all of its corporate activities. This approach is natural for a corporate group that continues to provide safe and reliable products and services to the world, and it forms the basis of our business.
In the aim of making Fujitec a company that maintains an accident- and disaster-free
record and fulfills the highest standards of safety, all our employees and all of those
involved in our work will comply with national health and safety laws and regulations, rigorously adhere to prescribed rules, and follow basic principles of conduct.
As a company responsible for providing social infrastructure, we will pursue safety and reliability to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.

Masayoshi Harada
President and CEO
Fujitec Co., Ltd.

Declaration on Health

We regard the health of All Fujitec Group employees, as well as their families and partners, as a key theme for achieving sustainable growth and proactively promotes good health.
In addition to supporting both physical and mental health, we aim to build work environments where everyone can work safely, equitably, and in diverse styles, so that all employees can work and live energetically in good health and security.
We promise to ensure conditions that are safe, secure, and physically and mentally healthy for all Fujitec Group employees, and all those who support us. Throughout our global operations, we will conduct and promote corporate activities that enable all employees to think and act for themselves, and to grow.

Masayoshi Harada
President and CEO
Fujitec Co., Ltd.

Employee Safety and Reliability

Pursuing safety and reliability is a materiality for Fujitec, and safety and reliability of employees is a key theme under this heading. We strive to promote good health and provide employees with work environments that prioritize safety and reliability, underpinned by our declaration on health and thorough implementation of health and safety management guidelines based on our occupational health and safety policy.

Certified “Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2024”

Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2024

Fujitec was approved as a “Good Corporation for Healthy Management 2024" based on the Good Corporation for Healthy Management approval program.

Fujitec's establishment of a systematic structure to promote health management, and its implementation of occupational safety and health policies, health declaration, and healthy business management for the benefit of employees at all Fujitec Group companies in Japan and abroad, are highly valued and have led to Fujitec receiving the above-mentioned authorization.

Specifically, Fujitec implemented the provision of more detailed health guidance than before, and took measures to improve employees' lifestyle habits, such as their eating habits, exercise habits, and productivity decline. Fujitec also conducted regular medical examinations and stress level checks for employees.

In addition, a breast cancer awareness seminar was held as one of the preventive measures for women's health issues under the activities of the subcommittee of the Healthy Corporate Management Promotion Committee. In terms of "collabo health," Fujitec continued to provide employees with health counseling tailored to each employee's professional status.

From now on, Fujitec will strive to create a work environment in which everyone can work safely, equally, and in a variety of ways, and to provide physical and mental support for all employees, their families, and their partners in all Fujitec Group companies, regardless of their location at home or abroad, so that they can work and live in a vibrant, healthy, and comfortable manner.

※ Authorization as a "Good Corporation for Healthy Management:The authorization system by which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Nippon Kenko Kaigi select and award a good corporation for healthy management.

※   Collabo Health:Collabo health is to promote the health of the employees through the cooperation between the insurer of a company health insurance fund, etc. and the company owner within the scope of their responsibilities.

※   The scope of selecting a good corporation for healthy management is limited to the domestic area of Japan.

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