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Fujitec Delivers 33 Elevators and Escalators in New 54-Story Landmark in Taipei, Taiwan

Fujitec Co., Ltd. delivered 33 elevators and escalators in the Headquarters Building of Fubon Financial Holdings through its Taiwanese Group Company Fujitec Taiwan Co., Ltd. (President: Charles Chen). The 54-story office building was constructed as headquarters to Fubon Financial Holdings, a major Taiwanese financial group.

The elevators installed pair double-deck elevators, featuring two vertically-connected cars, with the EZSHUTTLE control system, which assigns an elevator car to passengers automatically for shorter riding times. Both types of elevators have custom-made specifications for large office buildings, and this installation marks the second case of integrated installment by the Fujitec Group.

Double-deck elevators hold twice the capacity of elevators with the same car size. When combined with EZSHUTTLE, user riding times are reduced by up to an additional 55%*. Combining these products enables Fujitec to improve operation efficiency without increasing the number of units installed, saving space in common areas of building typically used for elevators. In this way, Fujitec helps alleviate elevator traffic congestion supports during rush hours, and supports comfortable travel for officer workers.

* Average service completion time (average time from initial call to arrival at the destination floor), comparing double-deck elevator (with EZSHUTTLE) and double-deck elevator (without EZSHUTTLE). Simulation results are from the same properties.

Headquarters Building of Fubon Financial Holdings
Elevators installed

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