LaLa arena TOKYO-BAY

LALA arena TOKYO-BAY is a large multipurpose arena located in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture. Being able to accommodate approximately ten thousand (10,000) visitors, this arena is used by the CHIBAJETS of the B. LEAGUE (Japan Professional Basketball League) and for various events such as music concerts, sports events, corporate exhibitions, etc.
In this multipurpose arena, Fujitec installed six (6) elevators and ten (10) escalators. The elevator near the entrance of the arena’s lobby crowded by many visitors adopts a loading capacity of twenty-six (26) persons. This large-capacity elevator contributes to simultaneously carrying multiple wheelchairs/baby stroller users as well as individual passengers.
In addition, the specifications of the five (5) elevators other than the one (1) elevator located in the arena’s backyard include the specification for the wheelchair persons. Owing to this inclusion, the accessibility of the wheelchair to the arena’s facilities is secured as well as creating a space where anybody can enjoy the events of sports, etc. with Fujitec’s transportation support.

  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Public facility
  • Japan
  • Capacity:over 1150kg
  • Capacity:under 1150kg
  • Balustrade with light
  • Step:800mm
  • 2020s
Building name
LaLa arena TOKYO-BAY
Chiba Prefecture
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. , MIXI, Inc.
Design and supervision
Shimizu Corporation
Shimizu Corporation


Elevator Total units 6
Model Use Loading (kg) Capacity (person) Speed (m/min) Stop number of
floors (floor)
Order XIOR 人荷用 2000 30 90 5 1
Order XIOR 人荷用 1450 22 90 4 1
Order XIOR 人荷用 1750 26 45 2 1
XIOR 乗用 1000 15 90 3 2
XIOR 乗用 900 13 45 3 1
Escalator Total units 10
Model Type Step width (mm) Floor height (mm) Incline (degree) unit
GS-NX F 800 5250 30 4
GS-NX F 800 4800 30 6
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