Ginza Itoya

Ginza Itoya is a company specializing in the sales of various stationery products. The company’s first shop was established in 1907. In the 111th year after the establishment of that first shop, the company’s new headquarters was built in Ginza, Tokyo. The new headquarters building is composed of 12 floors above ground and one underground. In Ginza Itoya’s headquarters, numerous products are displayed like paintings and sculptures in art galleries. Ginza Itoya’s prominent display of their products is based on their concept of “Goods to Support People’s Work.” In this gallery-like headquarters, seven Fujitec escalators were installed.

  • Escalator
  • Commercial facility
  • Japan
  • Step:600mm
  • Step:1000mm
  • 2010s
Building name
Ginza Itoya
Ginza, Tokyo
Ito-ya Corporation
Design and supervision


Escalator Total units 7
Model Type Step width (mm) Floor height (mm) Incline (degree) unit
Slim Fit S 1000 6000 35 1
Slim Fit S 600 4500 35 6
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