Madero Office

Madero Office is a high-class office building located in Buenos Aires, the capital and the largest city of Argentina.
The building was designed by the prominent architect in Argentina, Arq. Mario Robert Alvarez y Asociados, and the unique structure stands out impressively. The building has 30 floors above ground and four below. In this building, Fujitec installed 20 elevators with a simple and clean image best suited for this high-class office building.
The elevators are equipped with in-car information display units that provide passengers with a wide array of information which matches this state-of-the-art building.

  • Elevator
  • Office
  • South America
  • Capacity:over 1150kg
  • Capacity:under 1150kg
  • Speed:over 150m/min
  • 2010s
Building name
Madero Office
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Design and supervision
Arq. Mario Roberto Alvarez y Asociados
Arq. Gualter Colombo


Elevator Total units 20
Model Use Loading (kg) Capacity (person) Speed (m/min) Stop number of
floors (floor)
AC-GL Passenger 1575 21 240 30 7
AC-GL Service 1350 18 240 65 1
AC-GL Passenger 1575 21 240 30 7
AC-GL Service 1350 18 240 65 1
AC-GD Passenger 750 10 90 7 2
AC-GD Passenger 750 10 90 5 2
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