Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is a largest museum where the history of the Earth can be learnt mainly with reference to the documents on the dinosaurs.
The newly built egg-shaped dome with three (3) stories consists of “The Large Three-View-Screen Dino Theater” where real-scale dinosaurs are projected on the big-scale screens, “The Fossils Study Experience Room” where the atmospheres of fossils study can be experienced like the study of real fossils, and other facilities.
In this new dome, Fujitec installed two (2) elevators and four (4) escalators.
In the atrium occupying a large space from the 1st to 3rd stories, the symbol monument called “Dinosaur’s Tower” is installed. The escalators at the right and left sides of that symbol monument have LED lights on the exterior of their trusses. The LED-light colors vary with time, creating an entertainment space.

  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Public facility
  • Japan
  • Capacity:over 1150kg
  • Step:600mm
  • 2020s
Building name
Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
Fukui Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture
Design and supervision
Kisho Kurokawa architect & associates.
Joint Venture Group of Kumagai Gumi, Daihokukubo Construction and Ohno Construction and Engineering for the Specified Construction Work


Elevator Total units 2
Model Use Loading (kg) Capacity (person) Speed (m/min) Stop number of
floors (floor)
Order XIOR service 2000 30 60 2 1
XIOR passenger 750 11 60 2 1
Escalator Total units 4
Model Type Step width (mm) Floor height (mm) Incline (degree) unit
GS-NX F 600 6500 30 2
GS-NX F 600 5000 30 2
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