The Kobe-City’s Chuo-Ward Office and Culture Center

The Kobe-City’s Chuo-Ward Office and Culture Center is a complex building with twelve (12) floors and one (1) basement. This office and center is built with the two concepts of “Universal” and “Unique.”

A desire that people can utilize the municipal office with easy understanding of various procedures and use its facilities in comfort is reflected on the word of “Universal.” Another desire for people to feel the uniqueness of the Chuo-ward’s environment through their visit at the said building is included in the word of “Unique.”.

This building fits in very fine with the surrounding Former Foreign Settlement. The green plants on the terraces projected from each floor’s windows and the decoration of the building’s exterior walls by wood make people feel the nature even in the city.

Fujitec installs four (4) elevators: three (3) passenger elevators and one (1) service elevator. For visitors’ comfort and safe movement, the landing floors and the interior of the elevators have ‘Air Tap’ touchless buttons.

  • Elevator
  • Public facility
  • Japan
  • 2020s
Building name
The Kobe-City’s Chuo-Ward Office and Culture Center
Hyogo prefecture
Kobe City
Design and supervision
Nihon Sekkei, Inc.
Joint Venture Group of Obayashi Corporation and Shinko Kosan Construction, Ltd. for the Specified Construction Work


Elevator Total units 4
Model Use Loading (kg) Capacity (person) Speed (m/min) Stop number of
floors (floor)
XIOR passenger 1000 15 105 12 1
XIOR passenger 1000 15 105 11 2
Order XIOR passenger 1700 26 105 13 1
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