NAHA Cultural Arts Theater NAHArt

NAHA Cultural Arts Theater NAHArt is the culture development hub to create various diverse cultures. It is located at Kumoji of Naha City in Okinawa Prefecture.

This facility is a six (6) - story building with a basement floor, and has a large theater with a total of 1,600 seats as well as cultural halls and studios. In here, various kinds of activities are held in order to create outstanding arts and to develop many new cultures.

In this building, there are three (3) units of Fujitec elevators. Their car and landings are provided with the ‘Air Tap’ registration buttons. Owing to these buttons, passengers can operate the elevators just by holding their hand over a registration button.

Visitors at this building deeply feel the comfort and safety brought by the hygienic environment that Fujitec’s ‘Air Tap’ buttons create by making no request of visitor’s direct touch of a registration button.

  • Elevator
  • Public facility
  • Japan
  • Lantern
  • Capacity:under 1150kg
  • 2020s
Building name
NAHA Cultural Arts Theater NAHArt
Okinawa Prefecture
Naha City Government
Design and supervision
Architectural Design Consortium of Kouyama, Kume, and Nerome
Joint venture of Kokubagumi, Daiyonekensetsu, Kinjokikukensetsu & Nishidakogyo


Elevator Total units 3
Model Use Loading (kg) Capacity (person) Speed (m/min) Stop number of
floors (floor)
XIOR Passenger 1000 15 60 4 2
XIOR Passenger 1000 15 60 3 1
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