Cross Gate Kanazawa

Cross Gate Kanazawa adjacent to the west gate of the Kanazawa railway station is a complex facility composed of residential and hotel areas as well as commercial area where various restaurants and retail shops gather.

This facility is the gate of Kanazawa prefecture. It is known as a crossover point of people, events, and things, and familiar as a gathering spot for local people and tourists.

The commercial area on the first and second floors is laid out with the concept of “Premium Food and Restaurants,” which means that the food and restaurants originate in Kanazawa prefecture and are distributed to various places.

In this commercial area, six (6) units of Fujitec escalators are operating. The escalators installed in the atrium have illumination under their handrails. Such illumination raises the presence of Fujitec escalators.

  • Escalator
  • Commercial facility
  • Japan
  • Balustrade with light
  • Step:1000mm
  • 2020s
Building name
Cross Gate Kanazawa
Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
ORIX Corporation
Design and supervision
Takenaka Corporation
Takenaka Corporation


Escalator Total units 4
Model Type Step width (mm) Floor height (mm) Incline (degree) unit
GS-NX F 1000 6450 30 2
GS-NX F 1000 5750 30 1
GS-NX F 600 5750 30 1
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