The building of “SHIBUYA STREAM” is a large-scale complex facility. It was built through development of the land where Shibuya Railway Station of Tokyu Line and Toyoko Line existed before.
The building has four floors under the ground and 35 floors above the ground, being composed of retail shops, convention halls, offices and a hotel. The rentable office space in this building is the largest in the area of Shibuya.
14 units of Fujitec high-quality elevators including 360 m/m high-speed elevators are operating in this building.
The color applied to the landing doors, car panels, hall lanterns and hall buttons of the elevators is “Stream Yellow,” which is the theme color for the building of SHIBUYA STREAM.

  • Elevator
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Commercial facility
  • Japan
  • Observation
  • Lantern
  • Capacity:over 1150kg
  • Speed:over 150m/min
  • 2010s
Building name
Shibuya ward in Tokyo
Tokyu Corporation, etc.
Design and supervision
Tokyu Architects & Engineers INC. Kazuhiro Kojima + Kazuko Akamatsu / Cat
New Building Construction Consortium for Shibuya’s South City Development Project (Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd. and Obayashi Corporation)


Elevator Total units 14
Model Use Loading (kg) Capacity (person) Speed (m/min) Stop number of
floors (floor)
XIOR Passenger 750 11 60 6 1
XIOR Passenger 900 13 105 7 4
PM-GL Passenger 1700 26 360 13 8
PM-GL Service 2600 40 60 5 1
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