Yomiuri Television

Yomiuri Television is a broadcasting company which creates various popular TV programs for the people in the Kinki area of Japan. It built a new building in the South City ward of the Osaka Business Park, which is located at the northern part of Osaka Castle Park. The television started the broadcasting at this place in September, 2019.
In this building, 6 units of Fujitec elevators were installed. Their interior and entrance are designed based on the building’s design concept, “Tree, Green, and Glass.” The elevators produced according to this concept create an air of openness. In addition to those elevators, Fujitec’s see-through elevators are moving up and down on the exterior surface of the building. The movement of these elevators with illumination during night informs people of 24-hour vigorous activity by Yomiuri Television.

  • Elevator
  • Office
  • Japan
  • Observation
  • Lantern
  • Capacity:over 1150kg
  • Speed:over 150m/min
  • 2010s
Building name
Yomiuri Television
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Design and supervision
Takenaka Corporation
Takenaka Corporation


Elevator Total units 6
Model Use Loading (kg) Capacity (person) Speed (m/min) Stop number of
floors (floor)
PMGL Passenger 1350 20 210 16 3
PMGL Passenger 1350 20 210 17 1
PMGL Passenger 1350 20 210 18 2
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