Escalator Cleaning Function

Fujitec escalators equipped with hygienic components and features to improve public safety

Handrail sterilization device "EverFresh"Compatible with new and existing installations

Handrail sterilization device

The escalator is equipped with ultraviolet-emitting LEDs.
The UV light can reduce the presence of bacteria on handrails.

Elevator and escalator components

Handrail coatingCompatible with new and existing installations

Handrail coating

Improved aesthetics, more hygienic handrails

Antimicrobial coatings improve peace of mind.

Elevator and escalator components

Antimicrobial handrailsCompatible with new and existing installations

Antimicrobial handrails

Antimicrobial agents limit bacterial growth

Antimicrobial agents incorporated into surface rubber controls the growth of bacteria on handrails

WrappingCompatible with new and existing installations


Step wrapping

Treads wrapped with film to ensure social distancing. Advertising wraps are also available, including the riser surface.

Handrail wrapping

Antibacterial film is wrapped on the handrails to ensure social distancing and raise awareness of handrail use. Advertising wraps are also available.