Touchless button AirTapTouchless button "AirTap"

Air Tap

The AirTap touchless button by Fujitec.
AirTap Operates the elevator through touchless command. AirTapʼ s
successful market introduction provides a comfortable solution with peace of mind.

Air Tap received the 2021 Good Design Award (Organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion).
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Product lineup: Two variations

Touchless elevator options equate to cleaner operation. An Alternative to push buttons, AirTap is a quick and easy solution for customers of all ages. AirTap is now a standard offering for the XIOR model elevator.
*Some installation restrictions exist. Please contact us for more details.

  • All-in-one Model

    All-in-one Model

    Integration of both push buttons and touchless buttons.

  • Hybrid Model

    Hybrid Model

    Installation of both push buttons and touchless buttons.