Clean Elevator Operation

Fujitec elevators equipped with hygienic components and features to combat infection

Touchless button "AirTap"Compatible with new and existing installations

Touchless button

Simply wave a hand over the AirTap touchless button to call an elevator (to the elevator lobby) or indicate a floor (specify destination floor from within the elevator).
AirTap: Like tapping air; simple effortless, touchless control panels.

Air Tap received the 2021 Good Design Award (Organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion).
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Elevator and escalator components

Occupancy indicatorCompatible with new and existing installations

Occupancy indicator

Display occupancy to avoid congested cars

Occupancy Indicators provide a graphic in five stages, representing low to high, the occupancy levels for an approaching cab. This provides passengers the ability to decide whether to ride or wait based on its occupancy.

Elevator and escalator components

Antimicrobial buttonCompatible with new and existing installations

Antimicrobial button

Button material incorporates antimicrobial resin to limit bacterial growth.

This method improves longevity compared to paint which deteriorates and peels.

Elevator and escalator components

IonfulCompatible with new and existing installations


Cleaned car air by Plasma cluster technology

Plasma cluster technology (breaks down and removes airborne mold, cigarette odors, etc.) from Sharp Corporation cleans elevator shaft and car air.

Elevator and escalator components