2024.07.08 Fujitec Immersive Elevator, which provides people with an emotional experience through the fusion of a LED vision and a musical sound, has been awarded with the excellent prize in the Digital Signage Award 2024 XR/Entertainment Category.

In the Digital Signage Award 2024 XR/Entertainment Category, the three (3) companies of Fujitec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, President: Masayoshi Harada), Cloudpoint Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President: Takashi Miura) and Senyo Music Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo Ward, Tokyo, President: Chiaki Kubota) have been awarded with the excellent prize through Immersive Elevator, which provides people with an emotional experience through the fusion of a LED vision and a musical sound.

The vision and music adopted for Immersive Elevator has been made respectively by Cloudpoint Inc. and Senyo Music Management Co., Ltd. based on the design concept of Fujitec.

The role of the Digital Signage Award aims to vitalize the digital signage market by selecting excellent works from among the ones collected publicly. Fujitec applied for this award to contribute to such vitalization and then has been awarded with the excellent prize this time.

Considering the fact that there are users who are afraid to go inside the elevator because of the atmosphere that the interior of the elevator seems closed, Fujitec has developed the Immersive Elevator to make the users feel the interior of the elevator as an open space and to embody the elevator space as a vehicle that brings a lot of happiness to users whenever they ride on it.

An Immersive Elevator is installed and exhibited at the Wing Square*of Big Wing in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, where Fujitec’s headquarters, research and development department, and production base are located. This Immersive Elevator will be used now and in the future as an elevator that provides visitors with various suggestions and then motivates them to expand their ideas.

Our company, Fujitec, promotes to develop an advanced design in order to realize the beautiful urban-city functions through our enhanced technologies and superior products.

* Wing Square is the place where product improvement and further enhancement of product development functions are carried out by making full use of the facilities equipped for advanced research and study, and product quality development.

The Award Ceremony (from right to left: Mr. Takashige Nakajima in charge of Technology and Production Departments, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Executive Director of Fujitec Co., Ltd.; Mr. Naoya Ninomiya, The Manager of Service Integrate Div. Visual Communication Group, Cloudpoint Inc.; Ms. Chiaki Kubota, Senyo Music Management Co., Ltd.)

[The Award-Winning Work]
◇ The Name of The Award-Winning Work
Immersive Elevator for the Provision of an Emotional Experience through the Fusion of a LED Vision and a Musical Sound.

When going up, the elevator shows the image of uplifting mood.
When going down, the elevator shows the image of the space under the theme of emotional healing.

◇ The Official Website of the Digital Signage Award

◇ The Details of the Award-Winning Work:
The LED vision with the ultra-high definition created with 1.95-mm-pitch LED light sources, which is able to show the beautiful high-definition image in the interior of the elevator where users see it at relatively close range, has been installed on the side walls and the ceiling. In addition, the surface of the doors that are the movable parts has been provided with mirror finish. The design of the said image and the mirror-finished doors realizes the interior of the elevator as the space that creates an overwhelming sense of immersion. The video content shows the respective different images according to the movement of the elevator. When the elevator goes up, the video content shows the images with an uplifting mood, in which people take a journey among the changing scenes. When the elevator goes down, the video content creates the space under the theme of relief by projecting a delicate shining light in the darkness and with the music of healing sound. The detecting sensor equipped on the side wall enables an image to bounce and burst off over the palm of the user’s hand in response to his/her movement and makes other image performances. These image performances realize various entertainment scenes to make users feel that they seem to be participating in such scenes realistically. The digital signage has brought the elevator the transformation from its means of movement of users to the space to provide users with new values for their experience.

◇ The Appeal Point of the Award-Winning Work
The LED-vision equipped elevator provides users with the moving space where users can have new experiences. The specifications to enhance the degree of immersion by providing parts in details and the elevator space integrated into a 360-degree visible world that is enabled by the mirrored doors create an interactive space where users can participate in the world made by a series of visual stories with the original sound sources. The change of a series of visual images is freely available. Thus, different visual scenes of the world can be produced with the original sound. The laser range scanner on the side walls allows the visual image to change in response to the user’s hand movement. Users can change visual scenes and experience different visual scenes without touching the walls on which various scenes are shown. This results in reduced damage to the LED Vision, reduced risk of equipment deterioration and infection prevention. The new possibilities offered by elevators are explored as “Interactive Experience Elevators” with possible elements that allow users not only to see different scenes inside the elevator, but also to interactively participate in different scenes. Transforming the space in daily and ordinary sight to the space for users to see an extraordinary scene, the Digital Signage gives us the opportunity for us to aim to realize the theme, “A new-era elevator to motivate us to ride in it and visit various places created with the digital signage.”

◇ The Comments from the Evaluation Committee
·A very high level of immersion is created because not only the side walls but also the ceiling are produced as the LED Vision. This is a case where a relatively short period of time required for the user’s movement, i.e. the time spent in the elevator has been changed to a period of time during which the user can experience an unrealistic world. Honestly speaking, I want to experience such time.
·The interior of the elevator where no impressive experience can be expected has been completely changed to the newly created room. As the price of LEDs and their heat generation decreases, Immersive Elevators are expected to occupy a part of the market territory.
·This is a very favorable and valuable case that, although the period of time when users exist in an elevator is a limited short period and users have no hints to do something, such situation has been changed for the users to have fun in the interior of the elevator.
In addition to the elevator rooms, I believe that there are other similar spaces where this innovation can be applied. I look forward to seeing how the digital signage will be widely used in the future.
·I feel that this is a use case that has been brought and realized by the improvement of the LED technology. I think this is a very good idea.

[Concerning Fujitec’s Sustainability]
Our company, Fujitec, has set six (6) themes for materiality at the Sustainability Promotion Department. Fujitec’s addressing carried in this article release corresponds to a theme of materiality: The Enhancement of Technologies and Superior Products.
For details, please see Fujitec’s official homepage, “Sustainability”.

[The Video for The Award-Winning Work]