2024.06.19 Reducing the Environmental Impact of All Fujitec

All Fujitec address various activities to reduce environmental impact.

Fujitec Taiwan conducts beach cleanup activities once each season. In 2023, a total of 394 people, including Fujitec Taiwan’s employees and their families, participated in the activities to collect trash and driftwood from the beach.

In addition, Fujitec Singapore replaced mercury bulbs with LED lights for the ceiling lighting at the company’s premises.
The light replacement contributes to improving work safety by increasing the brightness of the workplace, as well as reducing power consumption and the environmental impact of light disposal.

Fujitec Argentina has installed solar panels on the roof of its office.
In Argentina, power outages are frequent, mainly during the summer months, due to a lack of electricity supply. The renewable energy stored by the solar panels allows the company to continue its business operations unaffected by power outages, while contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

All Fujitec will continue to promote the reduction of environmental burdens.
Under the new Move On 5 medium-term management plan, our goal is to achieve a 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, compared with the 2019 Scope 1,2.

We will proactively address global environmental issues and contribute to global society through our collective efforts.
For more information on Fujitec's environmental initiatives, please refer to our published Integrated Report.