2024.03.19 Fujitec’s In-House Illustration Contest

Fujitec sets the agenda of “The Enhancement of both Technology and Products’ Commercial Value” as one of materiality concepts and addresses the creation of beautiful city functions.Fujitec held an in-house illustration contest with the theme, “the future elevator or escalator that you dream,” as one of the events commemorating the company’s 75th anniversary in February, 2023.

The participants for the contest are Fujitec’s employees and their family members. The objective of the contest is to deepen the understanding of Fujitec by the employees’ families and to motivate the employees to become proud of their work.  The Vietnamese engineers as well as the employees’ family members applied for the contest. The best award selected as the result of the in-house competition is below.

[Best In-House Award]
Work Name: Fluffy-Cloud Elevator
Applicant: An Employee’s Child
Applicant’s Comment: I like shiny and fluffy things very much. I drew myself riding on a soft elevator that is fluffy like cotton candy. In the illustration, I will be going up to the sky and to play there.

In-House Juror’s Comment: I was impressed by the luxuriance of the imagination of the applicant. Lots of colorful materials are used in this illustration. I feel that the elevator is moving freely regardless of day or night. Inside the elevator, a rainbow and the moon are drawn. I think that passengers feel happiness every time they ride on the elevator. In the future, elevator product like a cloud made of fluffy materials may appear.

Toward the future, we, Fujitec, promote to create and realize beautiful city functions through the development of the products on which the designs of Fujitec’s uniqueness are reflected.