2023.03.02 METI-Authorized “Business Entity with DX Authorization”

Fujitec has been authorized as a “business entity with DX authorization” based on the DX (Digital Transformation) Authorization System, which is established by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). Fujitec will be promoting the DX searching for the people’s safety and reliability for elevators and escalators in the future.

The Outline of DX Authorization System

DX Authorization System is the system with which the minister of METI authorizes a business entity that has taken actions under the digital governance code and has been prepared to meet the change of society through the development of digital technology.

The purpose of this system is to promote DX all over Japan, proceeding with a transformation in business operators’ consciousness by visualizing the business entities that are aggressive for the conversations with stakeholders.

Fujitec’s Addressing Matters

The vision for DX that Fujitec is searching for is the realization of “Digital Twin.” ※1

From now on, we will be aiming at the new creation of customers’ value in cyberspace and reality space by connecting the customers’ and Fujitec’s platforms to API(Application Programming Interface)※2.

Also, we will strengthen the overseas development of a “Remote Monitoring System” that remotely observes the status of elevator operations as well as promoting the system under which AI recommends the orderings of damaged locations (appropriate restoring routes) at the time of the stop of many elevators and escalators due to a wide-area disaster and others.

※1: “Digital Twin” recreates the same environments as the reality’s like a “Reflecting Mirror”

※2: API(Application Programming Interface) calls out the operating system of the connected location or partially shares the mutual software or the function of applications. For details, see DX Report (https://www.fujitec.com/common/fjhp/doc/top_global/img_fixed_page/sustainability/pdf/DXReport_e.pdf).

The Authorization Obtainment Date

March 1, 2023