2023.04.17 The Introduction of Vans with Hybrid Engine at Fujitec’s Kyushu Branch

As part of the consideration for the environment, Fujitec introduced the vans with hybrid engine※ firstly at Fujitec’s Kyushu branch as van-type company vehicles, which are used for the field business such as the maintenance and installation of elevators.
Due to this introduction, Fujitec has realized a reduction of CO2 by 24 % than the amount of CO2 previously exhausted by the gasoline-engine vans.

The staff’s voices for the practical results;
“Hybrid-engine vans have good fuel efficiency. We don’t need to the gasoline stations so often. Our transportation time is reduced. We expect that this leads to the calm state of our mind and the reduction of traffic accidents.”
“The hybrid-engine vans have quiet performance so that we can easily hear the voices from the drive recorder.”
“It’s possible to load many goods.”

The staff’s high evaluation of hybrid-engine vans;
“We can hear the voices from the customers such as “Fujitec is promoting the use of hybrid-engine vans, etc. These voices become one of our PR activities.”
Following the introduction of hybrid-engine vans at the Kyushu branch, they are allocated to Fujitec’s other branches.

※ “Vans with hybrid engine” is an electrical vehicle with gasoline-driven engine and electrical motor. This type of vehicles has the greater fuel efficiency and exhaust less amount of CO2. It attracts people’s attention as the environmentally friendly vehicles.