Press Release

Fujitec Opens Sales Office in Ahmedabad, India ~Developing a multi-brand strategy in India~

Fujitec Co., Ltd., opened a new sales office in through Indian group company Fujitec India Private Ltd. (“Fujitec India”). The new sales office is called the Ahmedabad Office and is located in Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, western India.

Ahmedabad is also home to the headquarters of Fujitec Express Ltd.* (“Fujitec Express”), a subsidiary of Fujitec India. Fujitec established the new Ahmedabad Office in the same city from a strategic perspective to expand sales in the city. The new office establishes a system to sell the tailored customized products of Fujitec India for high-rise and high-end markets and the mass-market products of Fujitec Express, meeting the companies to meet a wide range of demands. Fujitec India will link its sales network with Fujitec Express, the company with the top share of the elevator and escalator market in Gujarat, and pursue multi-brand development. Fujitec is committed to establishing new bases in India, a country that continues to experience high growth. In doing so, the company aims to strengthen its sales structure and capture demand in the Indian market, which is likely to expand.

The new Med-term Management Plan “Move On 5” aims for new businesses, established to become a source of future earnings growth in the Indian market, to grow outside of market growth. To do so, Fujitec will increase local production capacity and leverage digital technology to improve the service quality of maintenance.

*Fujitec Express Limited is a subsidiary of Fujitec India. After joining the group in 2022 as Express Lifts Limited, Fujitec Express Limited subsequently changed its name. Business activities of the company include the manufacturing, sale, installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators and escalators.

Ahmedabad Office Opening Ceremony
From right to left: Shakir Ahmed, President, Fujitec India; Naoki Nakachika, Vice President; Shiro Adachi, Fujitec Executive Operating Officer Deputy General Manager of Global Business HQ; Sreekumar Nambiar, General Manager of Sales Division, Fujitec India Private Ltd.

New Office

NameAhmedabad Office
AddressD1206, Block-D, Westgate, Makarba, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380051 India
EstablishedApril 9, 2024
Business LinesSales, installation, and maintenance of elevators and escalators

About Fujitec India

Business LinesManufacture, sale, installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators and escalators
Relationship With the Parent CompanyConsolidated subsidiary
Number of Locations in IndiaFujitec India: 17 locations
Fujitec Express Limited: 1 location