2024.04.12 Sponsorship With WheeLog; Aiming for Mutual Understanding a World in Which Anyone Can Go Anywhere

Fujitec Co., Ltd. (Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture; President: Masayoshi Harada) announced that the company entered a WheeLog Silver Sponsor agreement with NPO WheeLog (President: Yuriko Oda) on March 29, 2024.

WheeLog is a non-profit organization that aims to create a world in which anyone can go anywhere.The organization is responsible for the development of WheeLog!, an app that provides user-generated accessibility map.

Fujitec entered the agreement in October 2023, after NPO WheeLog President Yuriko Oda gave a lecture at a public interview for the Fujitec communication magazine USNET.

Here, Yuriko Oda spoke on the importance of maintaining and managing highly-reliable elevators. Constant, safe operation of elevators is indispensable in the daily lives of people that struggle with mobility.
After the lecture, Fujitec launched discussions on how the companies could partner to solve environmental and information barriers for people that struggle with mobility. These discussions concluded with the two companies entering an agreement to solve said social issues together.
Going forward, Fujitec will participate in joint research on elevators from the perspective of wheelchair users and provide information on elevator installation on the user-generated accessibility map WheeLog! app. Fujitec will also collaborate with NPO WheeLog to encourage mutual understanding among diverse people, striving for coexistence with local communities and societies.

What is WheeLog?
WheeLog launched the user-generated accessibility map WheeLog! In May 2017, aiming to create a world in which anyone can go anywhere.
The company focuses on activities to promote barrier-free accessibility by utilizing open data provided by local governments and other organizations. WheeLog also sponsors city walk events in various regions and holds demonstration experiments to ensure full mobility experiences.

Fujitec established six materialities in our sustainability efforts.
Initiatives focused on in this release fall under the company materiality coexist with society and local communities.
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